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Lake is like summer. It contains secrets.

Lake is like summer. It contains secrets. Livre photographique.

Les photographies sont issues de ma résidence artistique en Lettonie, avec l'ISSP, en août et septembre 2019.

La maquette a été réalisée en novembre 2019, sous les conseils avisés de l'équipe de dienacht.

Lake is like summer. It contains secrets. Photographic book.

Pictures come from a photographic residency in Latvia, with ISSP (August-September 2019).

I made the dummy book in november 2019, with the precious advices from dienacht's team.

"It is a lakeside story from Latvia that has only hints, leading the viewer through the maze of events. Thick transparent cover with a photogram hiding a ghost behind is followed by the first image of someone in a mask, suggesting : okay, we are here to play. It might feel like a detective story with clues scattered around in the grass right below your feet but still somehow seeming vague and ambiguous. It might feel like a quaint dance with landscapes alternating with scenes of unusual body movements resembling a dance. One way or another, all the lakeside dreamy images eventually dissolve, leaving you with the feeling. You have had an experienced. Apart from photographs, the dummy features photograms printed on transparent paper. Dummy has soft cardboard cover with transparent dust jacket and pamphlet binding with a sparkling thread." dienacht

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